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Jesus the Nazarene Hospital Church

We recommend you to visit this church and its courtyard nearby. You will be fascinated by the views...

Location: Calle Salazar, 8, Montoro, España

Virgen de la Fuensanta Chapel

Take a rural getaway and come to this chapel located in the heart of the Corcomé Valley, about 8 km...

Location: Valle del Corcomé-Fuensanta (Carretera CO-5102)

Virgen de Gracia Chapel

The cheer of the chapel neighbourhood will dazzle you.Virgen de Gracia chapel is located, as its...

Location: Calle Virgen de Gracia, Montoro, España

San Sebastian Church

Did you know that this building is located in a neighbourhood known as La Enfermería? The church has...

Location: Calle Gral. Castaños, 11, Montoro, España

Santiago Apostol Church

We do recommend you to go by the contrast and the peculiarity of this architectural jewel.Santiago...

Location: Calle Santiago, 38, Montoro, España

San Juan de Letrán Church

Explore the most photographed and admired temple of the Holy Week of Montoro.Entering San Juan de...

Location: Plaza de Jesús 8, Montoro

Santa Ana Chapel

Santa Ana Chapel is located in El Retamar district. See in first person the Sistine Chapel of...

Location: Calle Cedrón, 1, Montoro, España

Ntra. Sra. del Carmen Parish

For the enthusiasts of the Baroque and golden ornamentation, knowing this church is a real pleasure....

Location: Plaza del Charco, Montoro

San Bartolomé Parish

If you are an enthusiastic about the Gothic-Mudejar style with large structures, stone blocks, high...

Location: Plaza España, Montoro, España