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Via Augusta

The strategic location of Epora (Montoro) next to the Baetis river (Guadalquivir) made this town...

Location: Calle el Santo, 13, 14600 Montoro, Córdoba, España

Prison Arch

During your visit to the Town Hall, we recommend taking advantage of the opportunity to visit this...

Location: Plaza España, Montoro, España

Town Hall

It is located in Plaza de España, it is the building of the Ducal House -current Town Hall of...

Location: Plaza España, 1, Montoro, España

Large Pillar or Herrerías Pillar

Come and visit this excellent stone pillar topped with a shield belonging to the House of the Great...

Location: Calle Realejo, Montoro, España

Montoro Tower

Take advantage of your stay in Plaza de España to observe this characteristic building of Montoro...

Location: Plaza España, Montoro, España

Plaza Mayor or de España

Plaza de España is considered as the heart of Montoro. Come and enjoy the majesty of its balconies,...

Location: Plaza España, Montoro, España

Puente Mayor

It was built with the traditional molinaza stone, it consists of four rounded arches and it has one...

Location: Puente Nuevo, Montoro, España

Stately houses

Blazons, coats of arms, typical molinaza pediments... It is the perfect opportunity for you to...

Location: Montoro, España

Postigo or Limpias Christ Altar

This is one of the reasons why Montoro is worth visiting. You will be surprised by the treasures you...

Location: Calle Postigo, Montoro, España

Tercias Catedralicias

This unique construction describes a historical trajectory that will arise your curiosity from its...

Location: Calle Mártires, 10, Montoro, España