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Enjoy an exciting adventure in the heart of the Andalusian olive grove. Discover the authentic flavour of the tradition of Montoro.

Would you like to spend a day in the countryside learning and visiting relevant places of the olive grove culture? Explore a journey of experiences and flavour in an olive grove landscape and enjoy an unforgettable view. Discover the magic of the extraordinary olive groves and quality olive oil world.

What is the olive oil tourism?

It is a type of tourism which focuses on the production of olive oil. If want to try the experience, you will learn where the olive oil is produced, tasting it and distinguishing the different types of olives; the best thing is that you will spend a day surrounded by olive trees.

Montoro offers you the best setting for the practice of this type of tourism through a varied offer related to olive groves and olive oil. Museums, oil mills, specialised restaurants, rural accommodations, country houses, old stone mills, olive oil tasting and other tastings are some of the places and activities that you will be able to enjoy during your stay.

Olive Oil activities

The olive oil tourism usually includes a guided tour, breakfast or lunch -which are optional-, although there is also the choice of having a snack in the countryside. You can also make strolls in the close olive groves in order to know more about them – the tour will depend on the oil mill or mill that you visit.

The best time for this tour is in December and January, because this is the time of the olives collection, although you can have a tour at any other time of the year.

Olive oil mills tour

You will be able to visit manufacturing olive oil mills among the activities planned in your olive oil tour. You will be able to walk through the countryside and the mountains, and you will have the chance to know where the olive oil is produced, historical anecdotes and feel the charm that these wonderful places have.

Olive oil mills that you can visit

You should say the arrival time and the number of people who will go with you before your tour. Here we offer you a list of the olive oil mills that you can visit, so you can contact them:


  • Pago las Monjas Aceites Prieto Reina, S.L.
    Tlf.: 615 929 194 / 606 045 307
    Web y tienda online: www.pagolasmonjas.com
    Correo electrónico: info@pagolasmonjas.com
    Dirección: Ctra. N-420, Salida 54 – Montoro


  • Torre de Villaverde
    Tlf.: 957 113 159
    Web y tienda online: www.torrevequia.com
    Correo electrónico: info@torrevequia.com
    Dirección: Pol. Ind. Camino de Morente, Parcela 36 – Montoro

Stone mills

The olive growing spread in the 18th century in Montoro. It was necessary to build olive oil mills to meet the demand for oil production in country houses which were mainly located throughout the municipal area of Montoro. They are an authentic jewel of the rural heritage of the town that you cannot miss.

We recommend you to visit the surroundings of La Nava, because there are many old olive oil mills there. In fact, the oldest mills of Montoro are located in this area. However, we advise you to complete your tour with the following places:





  • Molina de Mesías
    Tlf.: + 34 957 160 802/ +34 666 301 126
    Web: www.molinamesias.com
    Correo electrónico: reservas@molinamesias.com
    Dirección: Ctra. CO-5101, Montoro-Cardeña, Km 12


  • El Refugio Chiveras Bajas
    Tlf.: + 34 696 495 270/ +34 651 471 914
    Web: www.chiverasbajas.es
    Correo electrónico: chiverasbajas@gmail.com
    Dirección: Ctra. N-420, Km 8, Salida 61 – Montoro


  • Cortijo Molino San Juan
    Tlf.: + 34 957 336 259/ + 34 609 065 959
    Web: www.cortijomolinosanjuan.com
    Correo electrónico: reservas@cortijomolinosanjuan.com
    Dirección: Ctra. CO-5101, Montoro-Cardeña, Km 12


Many of these country houses have been restored to work in the hotel world at present. These places have a special charm because they all keep their architectural structure intact as well as the elements that they consisted of. For example, one of the typical element in the country houses is the stone mill to grind.

It is a perfect opportunity for you to experience and see these unique elements of the olive grove culture enjoying the typical cuisine of Montoro. Here you can see one of them:

  • Hotel Restaurante La Molina Plaza
    Tlf.: 957 336 090
    Correo electrónico: hotelrestaurantelamolinaplaza@gmail.com
    Dirección: Ctra. N-420, Salida 58 – Montoro


If you want to know more about the olive growing culture of Montoro, you cannot miss a tour to the Olive Oil Museum, which is located in the historical centre of the village. You will be able to see pieces of great historical value, photographs and information related to this sector that will surprise you.