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Paquetes Turísticos

We offer you the following thematic routes when you visit Montoro. Contact the tourism companies so you will be able to have a complete experience by extraordinary professionals who will help you.

Lynxaia-Ecoturismo, Servicios ambientales y turísticos.


(Comercializa todos los productos excepto el de bandoleros)

Guadalquivir Activo S.L.


(En este caso comercializa el producto “Montoro en Libertad sólo)

Baedro a caballo, Juan Manuel Moreno Gómez.


Facebook: baedroacaballo

(Comercializa el producto de Bandoleros de Sierra Morena)

QuivirOcio Deporte y Aventura S.L.,


(Comercializa todos excepto el de bandoleros)

ENRUTADOS – Guías de Turismo – Gestión Cultural

650 062 933

CULTURARTOURS Events & Cultural Tourism


The offered tour packages are the following:


The mountain range of Montoro has lush sites so you will be able to discover them in a natural way.

You will be able to know by extraordinary professionals, places where the meadow has the purest Mediterranean mountain, a refuge for species such as the Iberian lynx and the imperial eagle.

You will be able to find corners in which you can still feel legends of bandits and children who danced with wolves.

You will enjoy adventurous activities on the Guadalquivir river with your family and friends and you will be able to spend the night under a large dome of stars, in an old country house or mill, which still keep mysterious stories within their ancient walls.

You will try unforgettable and authentic flavours of the Sierra de Montoro such as its intense olive oils with their Protected D.O and its unique Sierra Morena honey.


Descubre el Montoro que se esconde a la vista, guardado celosamente para ti: belleza recogida, historia viva, tradición conservada. Pueblo andaluz de singular arquitectura y colorido. Montoro es blanco sobre rojo, piedra y cal.

Discover Montoro which is hidden from view and it is reserved for you as well as its hidden beauty, living history and preserved tradition. It is an Andalusian village with a unique architecture and colour. Montoro is white on red, stone and lime.

You will be surprised by a stroll through a network of narrow streets that surrounds the historical centre of the village like veins of life, history, tradition and beauty. You will see impressive and elegant stately homes, with solid facades of red sandstone which is called “piedra molinaza”.

Similarly, great historical buildings will show you its rich past. You will be able to see very close the exceptional piece that shines in its archaeological museum “La Estela“, whose origin is in the writing in Iberia.

You can take a piece of its tradition through its handmade products. The art of weaving esparto, shaping leather or bending iron become an endless number of original and authentic products.

Montoro also means authentic taste and gastronomy. This experience will allow you to enjoy typical dishes made with local products while enjoying privileged views over the Guadalquivir River.


Surrounded by the spell of Sierra Morena and embraced by the Guadalquivir River, Montoro is history and carved art in “molinaza” stone, which like a solid red blanket, it covers buildings and facades. You will be delighted by looking at it in the morning, at night but also its historical centre.

If you like photography, painting, or you enjoy watching something Montoro offers you a combination of warm images, which are solemn but also mysterious other times.

Montoro is a village of olive trees, intense olive oils that is Montoro-Adamuz DO quality. You will be able to find the most authentic and natural flavours, respectfully extracted from the land that surrounds it such as honey, the marzipan and its extra virgin olive oil, which predominates all its gastronomy.

The same hands that produce these exquisite products, work hard in order to keep the tradition intact since it is an identity mark of the town. Products made with care, in tanned leather, in solid forge and easy to esparto, become authentic and incomparable treasures.

Explore and know its centenary olive mills, which preserve the traditional architecture of the country houses where a lot of people lived during the olive collection period.

Let yourself be embraced by its natural beauty!


Enjoy a wonderful experience of flavour and legend among olive groves of the mountain range of Montoro. Century-old oil mills, which preserve their traditional architecture, with their patios with boulders and their wide walls of molinaza stone. Country houses keep their old histories and preserve the traditions of a town.

You will be able to taste its intense olive oils with a sumptuous breakfast in the mill and know the secrets of this juice of life extraction.

You will stroll through olive groves, which are full of feelings of those people who pick the olives with their own hands.

You will enjoy a great lunch together with exquisite AOVE, in a unique natural setting between ancient presses and oil mills.

The tradition and flavour of a village for you!


A setting full of legends of love and courage, cleverness and true stories of bandits is preserved among the hidden mountains of Sierra Morena. You can see crossroads, horses’ hooves, fires ignited at night that tell stories in whispers.

You will be able to have your bandit adventure in Sierra de Montoro, riding an Andalusian horse, while you enjoy wild and untouched landscapes. You will have unexpected surprises along the route.

You will rest in an old mill where you will be able to try country style food while you listen to a Spanish guitar.