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Dare to know this majestic and enigmatic city of an exclusive landscape virginity.

In Montoro remains of human life from the Paleolithic to all subsequent civilizations that over the centuries had a privileged enclave in this city. This is the reason why Montoro has a cultural mix with a strong artistic and cultural legacy in monuments, museums and places of interest. The tourist sites of Montoro are an expression of the culture and history of the city that preserve the essence of the passage weather.

Its characteristic red hue due to the stone grinding in most buildings and stately homes will be very attractive, as it contrasts with the color of its decoration in ornaments, tiles, baseboards and lintels playing with the absolute predominance of white color , product of whitewashing. You can not miss the play of light and shadows on doors, cornices and window bars. In addition, the unevenness of the land has an important role; this means that the houses are suspended on the rocks located on the riverbank, as well as white streets, broken, narrow and sloping, which save the slopes with the typical “poyatos”.