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Montoro is easily accessible by road. In addition, it is properly marked, so you will have no problem in orientating yourself and getting to your destination.

Montoro offers you different ways to get to the town such as by car, by bus or by train, so you can visit us without any problem, this town is for all budgets and you just need to adapt your schedule.

To begin with, we show you a map for greater location:

Road trip

  • By car: The village is 45 km away from the capital city of Cordoba (about 30 minutes) you only have to take the A-4 dual-carriageway toward Madrid to get to the village. You will not have to take any detour or secondary road, as Montoro is in passing this road. In addition, you can find the name of the village in all the information panels.

Similarly, if you are coming from Madrid, you only have to take the A-4 dual-carriageway that connects this city with the village.

  • By bus: If you prefer this means of transport or you are a group of people, we also offer you the possibility of coming by bus. If you come from Cordoba, here you can find the schedule of Rafael Ramirez company, Cordoba-Andujar bus line.

However, if you come from Madrid, you will get to Montoro with the Madrid-Cadiz route of Socibus company. Check the timetable here.

Train trip

Currently, there is no direct train stop in Montoro. However, we recommend you to go to Cordoba because it has one of the best rail connections in Spain and you will travel with no timetable problems.

Once you are in Cordoba, we recommend you to take the Cordoba-Andujar bus line of Rafael Ramirez company.

The possibility of train or bus in Cordoba is easy due to the proximity between both stations, the train station is only a few meters from the bus station. There are no complications!