Alojamiento Rural Casa Maika


“Accommodation in the heart and on the top of Montoro”

  • Type of accommodation

    Rural house

  • Rent modality

    Per rooms or full rental.

  • Address

    C/ Salazar, 21

  • Features of the accommodation:
    • Accommodation capacity: 20 guests
    • Bedrooms: 10
    • Beds: 19
    • Bathrooms: 11
  • Features and service
    • Kitchens: Fully equipped each, we have two community (one per floor) plus two apartments with kitchen and living room included in them.

    • Heating and / or air conditioning: Each room has its air conditioning with option of cold and heat.

    • Fireplace: no

    • Pool: no

    • BBQ: no

    • Bathroom: Each room or apartment has its own private and there is a community house.

    • Terrace: The house has a terrace with beautiful views of the meander of the Guadalquivir river and from which you can see the most characteristic bridge of the town, the bridge of the donated.

    • Andalusian patio: As soon as you step foot into the house you can see, through the fully hand-made gate, a beautiful Andalusian patio that gives light to the house.

    • Roman Columns: In the courtyard we can see Roman columns in perfect condition of the old house.

    • Licence number: 685


Casa Maika is located in the center of the town, right next to the Plaza de España, it has fabulous views of the Roman bridge and the Guadalquivir river. It is a house that was previously a school. At its gate we can see that it dates from 1851. Its façade and that of most of the houses on the street is completely made of millstone, the red sandstone of Montoro, stone characteristic of the town.

Upon entering you will be greeted by a beautiful Andalusian patio that gives light to the house with a beautiful well, as well as a rest area surrounded by arches supported by authentic Roman columns

This house has a number of 8 rooms and 2 apartments, all different from each other. It also has two community rooms, one on each floor, with its kitchen included that you can use at any time. From these rooms we can enjoy the spectacular views of the meander of the river, which is what gives this town its uniqueness. One of them, the one below, has a spacious terrace to go out and contemplate better from the height of the house the retamar quarter, separated by the bridge. The rooms each have heating and air conditioning as well as a stove for if necessary and blankets. All are fully equipped with television, private bathroom, as well as towels and towels.

Activities of the Area

There are many hiking trails in the area, there is a lot of fishing and sometimes we have canoeing activities by the meander of the river. In the retamar neighborhood there is a preserve where you can go to the plate.


Places of interest

The town has many museums such as the archaeological, oil museum, museum of a former prominent painter of Montoro, etc.

There are many tourist attractions such as the house of the shells (house built with the walls and figures in its courtyard). full of shells), Plaza de España in the historic center of the town, source of the olive, Fuente del Pilar (recently renovated), but without doubt the greatest interest lies in its streets. Losing your way through its narrow, white and cobbled streets is the greatest charm that Montoro has, and of course all the streets come to the river.

Montoro is surrounded by a meander of the most important river in Andalusia and has a stone path to walk to. side. A large wooden bridge crosses it and brings the island back to the village, a small botanical garden where we can see species of the area and which is completely surrounded by the river. The town has many viewpoints where we can contemplate the river and the beauty of the town.