Plaza Mayor or de España


Plaza de España is considered as the heart of Montoro. Come and enjoy the majesty of its balconies, ancestral and stately homes and emblematic buildings that create an architectural ensemble by 360°.

The Plaza Mayor is a good starting point for your tourist route, because you will be able to walk through a lot of narrow streets which create the historical centre of the town.

Before starting, you should know that the Plaza de España has been an important landmark, it has been the nerve centre of the population for centuries. Here, the local power (Municipal Cabildo, Town Hall), religious power (San Bartolomé Church), judiciary (prison under the arch) and economic power (Pósito, fish marks, butchers, inn, weight of wheat and Alhóndiga) where there.

It is a very peculiar square because it is surrounded by monuments and stately homes which are built with the red molinaza stone. We can state that this square is one of the most beautiful and unique ones in the province of Cordoba, it has kept unchanged for centuries.

In addition to, you can take the opportunity to contemplate some emblematic buildings of the village which are located in the same square, such as San Bartolomé Church -a temple built in the 15th century whose main door is embellished with a Roman pedestal and a Visigoth tombstone-, the Town Hall or Council House – whose building corresponds to the old ducal palace of the House of Alba-, the old inn and some others.


The Mower

You will contemplate the sculpture known as La Segadora on your arrival at Plaza de España, a representation of the Goddesses Ceres, a symbol of the agriculture and a recognition of the role of women in this field.

This sculptural work has twin sisters throughout different geographical locations, they are located in Spain, Italy, France or Brazil, therefore, due to this world-wide recognition, it is of remarkable interest for many of the tourists who visit us.


Plaza de España