Town Hall


It is located in Plaza de España, it is the building of the Ducal House -current Town Hall of Montoro-, it stands as the most important civil construction of the village.

The old Town Hall was designed, built and financed at the cost of the village of Montoro to provide a setting-up and meeting location of political power. It is the old Ducal Palace of the House of Alba and stands out because of its facade which is carved in molinaza stone.


What is the building like?

Its facade has two structures: the first structure is open in the centre in a rounded arch with grooved columns that support the second one.

You can find coffered and wooden ceilings belonging to the Mudejar tradition inside which Muslims ancestors have left such a mark of it in the village, highlighting the entrance hall on the first floor and the Plenary Room on the top floor. Both facilities are connected by a common stone staircase.

It is worth looking up and appreciating the openings covered with ornaments between the wooden beams of this architectural jewel. It is one of the most emblematic and attractive buildings of the village.


Plaza de España, 1


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