House of Shells


This house consists of more than 45 million of shells and it is known throughout the country. Find out about this peculiar construction which is located in the heart of the town, are you going to miss it?

In the deepest part of the historical centre, relax and enjoy its narrow streets, you will find the peculiar House of Shells at Criado street, number 17. As it suggests, this house is entirely decorated with shells from all the Spanish geography.

More than 45 million pieces of this marine material were collected and inserted during fifty years by Mr. Francisco del Río Cuenca, a town resident. This place is one of the most visited due to its uniqueness.


What will you see in this house?

If you access the courtyards, you will find columns covered with small stones from the Guadalquivir River and pots made of the material that the old coal trains used to emit.

You will be able to appreciate the figures that it is composed by in the ceilings; for example, bunches of flowers or mirrors made of shell and some others.

Far from being a historical monument or offering the best architectural lines of a recognized and catalogued artistic style, the house is an example of oddness and determination.


C/ Criado, 17


Visitas concertadas llamando a 957 160 621/957 160 620


1€ por persona